About Sue Pistone

Sue PistoneTake control of your paperwork, business and your life! Sue is an expert at eliminating the daily disorganization that often keeps individuals and companies from achieving the success they deserve. After working with Sue, you will be able to say, “I am an organized and do it now person!”

Sue is a Personal & Professional Development Specialist with 30 years experience in the sales industry and is known as a merited speaker and consultant to diversified companies. Sue excels at helping others develop a clearly-focused strategic plan aimed at bottom-line results through increased productivity and profitability.

Sue’s speaking style reflects her special talent for helping others to realize their self-worth and develop their true potential. She is referred to as “The Encourager” a title that reflects her ability to leave individuals with the heart-felt knowledge that they can begin immediately to become who and what they choose to be, today, without waiting. As a speaker, her messages are inspirational, motivational, and informative, delivered with an enthusiasm that is both genuine and contagious.

Sue is personable, intuitive, and positive results oriented. She makes a difference in each company by researching, studying and putting into practice personalized and customized strategies that work. She has spoken to thousands of people and worked with companies and corporations generating greater sales, more productive employees, and a sharper clearer new images for the future.

When working with Sue Pistone, be prepared for positive results!