What Is A Time Management System?

When I begin working with a new client one of the first questions I ask is “Which Time Management System do you use?” Then they will either look at me with a blank stare, which means they don’t use one at all or they will show me a calendar with appointments on it. That is not a Time Management System. … Read More


Nothing happens until ACTION is taken.  One of my favorite quotes written in the early 1800’s: “Whatever you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.” John Wolfgang Van Goethe Implementation: Review your list of goals Prioritize goals by what is the most important to you Then prioritize the plan of … Read More

Wishes for a wonderful and blessed 2017

Now is the time to think about what you would like to accomplish in 2017. Last E-zine, we discussed the CSI theory and the importance of Clarity, what you really want out of today, this week, month, year and life. Also, the strategy to use to figure out exactly what it is that you want. Now that you are clear … Read More

Yes, You Can Have It All

I can have it all?  Yes, you can!  Do you believe it?  Most people don’t and do you know why? Because they let other people determine what ALL is for them.  The truth is that only YOU can decide what ALL is.  It is your life.  It is a simple process, just not easy.  Why?  Because it takes time, time … Read More

Motivating Atmosphere In Your Workplace

Hi Everyone! I wanted to give Sue a break and share some of my thoughts on what you can do to create a motivating atmosphere in your workplace for yourself. All too often Sue and I go into workplaces where the employees are complaining about not getting enough positive feedback from their managers. They feel unappreciated which links into your … Read More

How To Get More Done

It seems we always have more to do than we can get done. The important thing to know is “we will never get it all done”. Seriously, if it’s all done you are no longer here. What should we do? Learn to prioritize. The following are some suggestions: Create two Master List. One for professional and one for personal. Prioritize … Read More

It’s Time…To Review Your 2016 goals!

Can you believe we are in the sixth month of the year? Now is the time to review the goals you set in January (or if you didn’t set them, now is the time). If your goals have not come to fruition, it is time stop and ask yourself these questions: Is this goal something I really want to accomplish? … Read More

Just “One Thing” by Success Coach, Sue Pistone

Before you leave the office today look at the list of all the things you need to do tomorrow and select the “One Thing” that is the most important. That “One Thing” is the task that will make a difference. Is that what you usually do? No, you usually look at your list of one hundred and fifteen things you … Read More

The 1-31 Tickler System

Are you drowning in papers all over your desk that you need to take action on Now? Does this leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated? Good news! Here are two life savers that will keep your from drowning as soon as you implement them. The first life saver is to the 1-31 System. Purchase 31 RED hanging folders, red … Read More