It’s Time…To Review Your 2016 goals!

Can you believe we are in the sixth month of the year? Now is the time to review the goals you set in January (or if you didn’t set them, now is the time).

If your goals have not come to fruition, it is time stop and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is this goal something I really want to accomplish?
  2. Do I know what the outcome will be when I accomplish my goal?
  3. Can I visualize the outcome?
  4. Have I written my goals in ink?
  5. Have I created a plan of action to make it happen?
  6. Do I schedule time daily or weekly to work on my goal?
  7. Have I set a date monthly to review my progress?

Answer these questions and implement action. Then at the end of December you will be so pleased to see what you have accomplished.

Make it a GREAT Year!

Success Coach Sue

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