Just “One Thing” by Success Coach, Sue Pistone

Before you leave the office today look at the list of all the things you need to do tomorrow and select the “One Thing” that is the most important. That “One Thing” is the task that will make a difference. Is that what you usually do? No, you usually look at your list of one hundred and fifteen things you are absolutely going to do tomorrow and then pick the one you want to do the most.

When you reflect back at the end of the day, you often realize that even though it felt good to check that task off the list, you also felt so productive “getting it done”. However, it was one of those many things that really didn’t have to be done now or maybe ever. It did not make a difference in relation to your goals, production or maybe even your job.

So, today is the time to begin the new habit of selecting that “One Thing” that will truly make the difference. It will get you at least one step closer to accomplishing your goals. Now it may not be fun, it may be time consuming, it may be something you don’t really want to do and yet, it is the “One Thing” you must do to succeed.

Remember: You only have so many hours in the day.

  • If you create the habit of doing first things first…
  • If you focus on what is important as well as what is urgent…
  • If you forget about trying to check off as many things as possible and instead get things done that will make a difference…
  • You will then experience more productivity, less stress and the opportunity to enjoy your personal life more.

Let me know how you did!