Motivating Atmosphere In Your Workplace

Hi Everyone! I wanted to give Sue a break and share some of my thoughts on what you can do to create a motivating atmosphere in your workplace for yourself.

All too often Sue and I go into workplaces where the employees are complaining about not getting enough positive feedback from their managers. They feel unappreciated which links into your motivation and how much you enjoy your job. (Well, most times!)

Sometimes managers are too busy or just don’t have the kind of personality to feel comfortable giving praise or recognition. So don’t depend on others and external motivators to let you know are doing a good job. Here are two ideas to think about.

1. Work on your “innertude.” Create a positive climate for yourself through your self talk. You do talk to yourself, don’t you? And how much of it is negative? If someone talked to you the way you talk to yourself would it be positive and motivating to you–or the opposite? Would it rub off on your team mates? Make it a habit right now to “erase and replace” those negative thoughts you have with something positive. It will get to be a habit that can help you enjoy your work more. How we speak about our work influences how we work.

2. A feeling of competence in your job is also an internal motivator. It be a definite attitude and morale booster. When you know you are doing something well you naturally feel better about it. So ask yourself, “When was the last time I did something to increase my skills? Then decide on one thing and get going.

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