Professional Speaker
Sue’s speaking style reflects her special talent for helping others to realize their self-worth and develop their true potential. She is referred to as “The Encourager” a title that reflects her ability to leave individuals with the heart-felt knowledge that they can begin immediately to become who and what they choose to be, today, without waiting. As a speaker, her messages are inspirational, motivational, and informative, delivered with an enthusiasm that is both genuine and contagious.

Organization Consultant
Company-wide or one-on-one, Sue is an expert at eliminating the daily disorganization that often keeps individuals and companies from achieving the success they deserve. Dedicated to “cleaning up America’s businesses” through organizational tactics, clients achieve results that include peace of mind, control and the ability to focus on that which is of primary importance.

Success Coach
Sue can help you to realize your true potential and talents and help you create a workable plan of action to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. This is a Personal & Professional Development Program. She has coached CEOs, Presidents of Corporations, Executive Directors of Associations, Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Executive Assistants, and Managers.

Executive Consultant
Sue excels at helping companies and executives develop a clearly-focused strategic plan aimed at bottom-line results through increased productivity and profitability. Executives will learn new ideas for leadership by developing the most important asset they have…human capital!

Throughout Sue‟s professional career she has written articles and books and has presented on radio and television networks. Sue has written articles for the Houston Business Journal, Houston Chronicle, FrogPond Communications Solution, and CIO Magazine and has been quoted in Cosmopolitan Magazine as well as Woman’s Day. She is also a contributing author to Only the Best on Customer Service. Sue has been featured on RETN Television and many media broadcasts.