What Is A Time Management System?

When I begin working with a new client one of the first questions I ask is “Which Time Management System do you use?” Then they will either look at me with a blank stare, which means they don’t use one at all or they will show me a calendar with appointments on it. That is not a Time Management System. It is simply an appointment calendar.

Years (and years) ago, when I first learned the difference between an appointment calendar and a Time Management System I could not believe the difference it made in my life. Back then I didn’t have the convenience of a digital system like Outlook. Instead, I purchased a book developed by Franklin. Long before Covey and Franklin merged. The simple method of living one day at a time is one of the strategies that changed my life. I was in sales and with a Time Management System and a few other organization and time management tips I was able to double, yes double my income while spending more time with my family. It was a miracle!

The secret was first knowing what my goals were, then planning each day and making sure that what I was doing was in line with my goals. Really understanding for the first time the difference between activity and productivity. It meant even planning my travel time. Writing everything down, making two lists, one was today’s most important and/or urgent tasks and then second was the master list. This list was comprised of all the millions of task I thought I needed to get done. In the past they were in front of me every day all day on a piece of paper. Of course, that made me feel overwhelmed and defeated before I even started. I learned to put that list behind a section called Master List and only look at it when I had extra time to add a few more tasks to my day.

What a revelation! Begin today to live one day at a time, after all that is really all we have—just today. You will enjoy your journey so much more and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.